Jim Hornung

Jim_HornungI was a Carpenter and Welder all my life.  However, in 1986 while on a mission trip to Monterey, Mexico with my father and son, I saw a great need for God’s Health Message as I looked at dying people everywhere.  As we continued to travel that country, the Lord impressed me with something I had read a few months prior.  “Well written articles on the subject of health reform should be scattered like the leaves of autumn.” (CD 461).

The Ministry of Health was founded in 1988, as a printing ministry.  We began by printing God’s health message, to help people get to know Jesus as their true Healer and Savior.  By the year 1991, there came an over abundance of calls from people in need of physical, spiritual, and mental healing.  Thus, began the Ministry of Health Lifestyle Center.  By using God’s simple natural remedies we began assisting God and nature in restoring people to the optimal health and disease-free condition that God desired for them.This is how I met my wife Cindy.  In 1995, she came to the Ministry of Health for her problem with Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.  She learned for the first time about keeping the Sabbath, and she was able to see first hand, God’s healing ways.  Two years later she returned cancer free, stating that God wanted her to help others in the same way she had been helped.  Together we administer God’s healing ways at Ministry of Health and Healing Lifestyle Center.

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