A friend loveth at all times, and a brother is bor for adversity.


This friends' list is the result of a presentation made by Sister Pat Langley that focused on the value of a true friend.  This presentation was made March 9, 2011.  Each of us may have a friend who is sick, having a difficult time with marriage or relationships or finances, struggling with an employer, neighbor or church issue,death of a loved on or just a misunderstanding with that friend.  Others may have had a high school or college friend and has lost contact.  Whatever the case maybe we are praying for our friends.


A man that hath friends must show himself friendly: and there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother





Joan,    Judy,    Marva,    Marvin,    Phyllis,    Wendall,    Wanna,    Pam,    Jeraldo,    Tereal,

Julie,    Latoya,    Annette,    Adrienne,    Cely,    Roselyn,        Franchesca,    Rhonda,

Carolyn,    Mike,   Carol,   Hailim,    Yvonne,    Shereeka,    Mandy,    Alexander,    Yasmine,

Zelda Ryland,    Czerhard,t    Lebin,    Derrick,    Rylan,    Henrietta,    Gregory,    Dennis,

Nabit,    Culvir,    Marian,    Liz,    Susan,    Alliste,r    Marilyn,

Melba,    Paulette,    Alond, Kevin,  Bob,  Wolfgang, Barbel,

Raphael,  Oril,    Freddy,    Sandra, Gina,  Alicia,

Artemis Koger, Zarin Jones, Sandra Roberts Erna,,

Maria Cottagri, Myrtle Crabbe, Aileen Hills, Margaret Obrady,

Roger Moore, Glenda Dominique, Edna, Connie, Peggy,

Lillie, Kathleen, Shirley, Arvella, Beverly, Tina, George,

Sis. Whorten, Hackney, Aubrey, Eric, George, Jesse Lewis,

Joel Andrews, Nicholas Clake, Kiah, Ryland, Dane, Devon,

Kenny, LaShondra, Ryan, Nicholas Clarke, David McEwan,

Merrick Chung Jade Joseph, Robert Terrelonge, Vincent,

Danella, Elliot, Ruth, Jackie, Helen, Joyce, Anita's neighbors,

Anita's coworkers, Alexis. Eric, Marisol, Nikki, Elaine Punz,

John Jett,  Auctavia Milton, Walter Carter, Gene, linda

, Giovanni, Laura, Searle & Seldon and family, Freida,

Harvey Extended Family, Shaun, Heather & Family,


August 2015: Roger, Glen, Grace & Family, Nuala, Martin ,Rachel, Sergio, Sonia







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