Edward E. Baptiste Jr.

Baptiste_mediumEdward Baptiste is a Lay Evangelist born in Fresno, California, who has been residing in the state of New York since 1970, whom is also the Founder and President of The Door of Mercy Ministries, which is in its grass roots stage.

Edward Baptiste is also a host on the Southern California Connection Prayer Line, whose theme is, “Spiritual & Mental Restoration”.

The Door of Mercy Ministries was founded based on the deliverance of Edward from a life nearly destroyed by the bondage of sinful life practices, such as: drug addiction, lying, stealing, and other “abhorrent evils”.

“As God has shown me, and opened up the door to His abundant love and mercy, so I have dedicated my life to His service, to minister to the needs of those in my community, and otherwise that are struggling with drug addiction, and other unwise lifestyle choices.”The Door of Mercy Ministries began a weekly Cable TV series in the local Queens, New York area, which started in January, 2011.

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