Davin Bennett

Davin Bennett loves  missionary work. He spent a major part of his student life as a canvasser for Canada Youth Challenge while taking theology in Northern Caribbean University. He  had one year left in college when he received God’s call to Medical Missionary work. His way of answering that call was to get training at the College of Health Evangelism located in Wildwood, Georgia USA.He did volunteer as a teacher in the Philippines.While in the Philippines, he  labored as a medical missionary, giving health lectures, inspirational talks, hydrotherapy treatments and cooking schools wherever the opportunity allowed him to do .Afterwards, he went back to Jamaica to start a medical missionary school. Providence allowed him to team up with Preservation Ministry wherein he was able to train a group of young people in health mission work for a month.A year later after he moved back to the Philippines, and together with Irene,his wife  , ministered to the music students by giving them Bible studies. He also served as a voluntary church pastor for Kalingawan SDA Church.

Their ministry is : By His Stripes Ministries. As a medical missionary couple, their ministry covers three major areas:

Medical Missionary Work: Natural remedies, Hydrotherapy, Massage, Health Expo, Cooking classes. They  impart what they  learned from Wildwood College of Health Evangelism

Music Ministry: They conduct seminars on the importance of music and its role in the worship service, and in these last days.They  also conduct basic song leadership, accompanying, and hymnology courses in local churches.

Prophetic Studies:They  help individuals study their Bibles and teach prophetic truths applicable for this time.

As providence continues to lead him ,he is  embarking towards becoming a missionary pilot, wherein he hopes to be more instrumental in reaching the unreached people of the Philippines. They  are working towards partnering with Philippine Adventist Medical Aviation Services (PAMAS) to minister to the hinterlands in the Philippines.

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