Kendor Shy

Kendor Shy was born on June 20, 1981 and was raised by his mother and grandmother in the projects of Lexington, Kentucky. Being an only child for fourteen years made it a very lonely one but was later joined by a younger brother named Solomon. Growing up, Kendor lived a life that left him despised by many and loved by few. He chose to be a slave to the streets, which left him destined for prison or death. Not having many achievements in life and cheating his way through high school left him without much secular education and hope.

After graduating he moved to Atlanta, Georgia to pursue a music career. This dream suddenly became interrupted after receiving a sentence of two years in jail. In jail Kendor felt he had lost everything but was found by the One who uses those who are despised by men.  In 2006 God called Kendor to work for Him full time. He gave him his purpose in life; the work of revival and reformation. In 2008 God led him to the Seventh-day Adventist Church and in 2009 studied at Amazing Facts College of Evangelism. He was able to put into practice what he had learned when hired by John Bradshaw as a Bible Worker for his local church.

In 2010 he studied theology at Southern Adventist University, but after gaining a knowledge of medical missionary work he left his studies after two years to pursue an education at Wildwood College of Health Evangelism. Having a desire in his heart to reach souls by joining the gospel and medical missionary work together, God made it possible for him to travel to Malaysia, Colombia, different parts of the U.S. and to the Virgin Islands; teaching, preaching, and training others in gospel medical missionary work.

Kendor is now married to Samantha Shy who is currently with child, whose name will be Azariah.  They have a ministry together, Stand Up Ministry; an acronym for (Steadfastly Teaching And Nourishing Daily Unapologetic Present Truth). Today Kendor and Samantha can be found traveling, serving God and their fellowman by doing Gospel Medical Missionary Work in the United States and abroad.



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