Ude Calvaire

Ude Calvaire, RN & Medical Missionary Evangelist, Advent Light Ministry founder with Christ. Lives in Upstate, NY

Born in the SDA Church in Les Cayes Haiti, Bro Ude strayed away from the Church in my teens after moving to the States. He was called back to the faith in 2012 after He truly met Jesus. God saved him from the pit of sin in which He was sunken and now He has dedicated his life to serving Him. He was involved a mission trip in the Philippines in 2015 which was an excellent experience where he got to see firsthand saw the need of the Filipino people and the famine in their Churches for the Word of God. They started to pray and asking God to help him  help the people. They have actual plans on starting a Medical Missionary school there by God's grace. I

He loves the Lord and He loves his children. Follow them on Facebook at: Advent Light Ministry Prayer line, Advent Light Ministry Health, Advent Light Ministry Philippines, and on YouTube at Advent Light Ministry.  Call 518-409-3081 to speak to him or to schedule a revival. Maranatha! Email:linktocalvaire@gmail.


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