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Jasmene began studying about edible plants as a teenager, because back then preachers spoke about "A Time Of trouble" where we would not be able to buy and sell, so she thought to herself that she needs what wild food she can eat, so she can survive that time (never thinking to ever teach it or share it as it was her personal hobby). At every opportunity she had, she would take her books with her, study and taste and identify wild plants. For example in church picnics, she will go  to the woods, identify wild edible plants, at school where wild things grew or at her backyard. Anywhere she saw greenery, she was checking it out, finding new plants that she could  eat.

In 1981,she left home  to go to college, moved South where he met  Thomas Rhem , who in three years later became her husband. She shared her love with edible plants  with him and he enjoyed it too. As they both love outdoors, they both became Pathfinder Leaders, then  directors and Conference Pathfinder Coordinators. They also became Pathfinder Master Guides together. As Master Guides and Pathfinder Coordinators, they were responsible for teaching other Master Guides. One day, while teaching a 10-hour master guide training course, they introduce wild edibles to the group. She went outside the building and found wild  onions, grass, dandelions, clover and cooked it in a pot, add a little salt and served it to a group of 30 people and they loved it. As a result, they asked on how they could learn more in identifying wild edible plants. That was November 1991.

By January 1992, they started the Wilderness Survival Camping Program, a four- phase program where they taught people to live off land in four phases, introducing wild edibles in each  phase, doing it in State Parks, National Forest, etc., before the Lord placed them in a 570 acres for 15 years, where  as Rangers, they taught this full time, trained 1000 individuals for outdoor living, with a Christian twist. She had access to the  570 acres of virgin wilderness to herself where she identified 100 more wild edibles and  teach it to workshops,seminars, etc. all over where the Lord leads them. They believe that this information will be vital to those who love the Lord and  wants to survive the end times. Her passion to teach this is shared by her husband, who is helping her teach too . She is convinced that it was put on her head by God "in such a time like this" to teach others and to help them prepare for the troublous times coming upon us soon. Their ministry is called Outdoor Education.



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