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BusterWhite_mediumMinistry: "Save a Soul, Give a Glow"


Buster (Leslie) White was born and raised in Oklahoma. He became a businessman and lived as an agnostic, despite his mother’s entreaties for him to give his life to Christ. She prayed faithfully for 41 years for her son. But even though death silenced her prayers, God did not forget. In 2003, Buster gave his life to Christ and joined a tracking ministry where he learned much of the skill he uses today in distributing large amounts of gospel tracts. Eventually, as a result of watching Doug Batchelor and attending an evangelistic series in 2009, Buster joined the Seventh-Day Adventist Church.


After becoming a member, he began what is now a network of spreading the gospel through GLOW tracts (small pocket sized pamphlets of Bible truth). Already 480,000 tracts have been distributed in 14 months either as a direct or indirect result of his efforts.


He currently lives in Texarkana, where he has made it a part of his life to distribute tracts on a regular basis. The Lord has been working in amazing ways, giving this servant of His terrific opportunities to share the truth. “You can share a piece of literature just as well as I can,” says Buster, “all you have to do is choose to do it!”










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