Taron Hovsepyan

TARON HOVSEPYAN  was born in Armenia but grew up in Los Angeles. As a sophomore in high school, he was exposed to the truth of the Bible by watching Doug Batchelor on Amazing Facts. After hearing the message and studying it out for himself, he was convicted and gave his heart to the Lord. Ever since then he has had a desire to preach the love of Jesus to everyone he comes across. He went to ARISE Institute in 2010 and was taught the truth of the Scriptures in a more systematic way by such people as David Asscherick, Matt Parra, Jeffrey Rosario, Ron Du Preez, and others. Through his bible studies, many people have come to know the truth and joined God's remnant church. He continues to work for the Lord and go wherever to Lord may lead. His hopes is to be able to go to school and get his degree and become a pastor.

He currently is giving bible studies to many people and helping them see Jesus in the Bible.

Bro. Taron is a guest Sabbath School teacher and give Bible Studies during Vespers at CFC SDA Church. He has a passion for sharing the truth and bring people to Jesus Christ.



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