Bob Jorgensen

Bob Jorgensen lives with his wife Vicky on a mountain farm in the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina.

A lifelong Seventh-day Adventist, he comes from a line of Seventh-day Adventists through several generations, with connections back to William Farnsworth, the first Adventist who began keeping the 7th day Sabbath up in New Hampshire.

His father was born at Oakwood College, where Bob's grandfather taught, and started the chemistry
department. Later Bob's father taught for a number of years at Andrews University where Bob spent his childhood and early teen years. Bob has had a special interest in researching and studying the history and purpose of Adventism. He also has an interest in researching and utilizing the best
method of growing high nutrient food free from all toxic inputs. His great desire is to help people understand how to prepare physically, mentally, and spiritually for the crisis events ahead of us, and for Christ's soon coming.





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