Christopher Bowman

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He was born and raised in Los Angeles, California.  His family is from New Jersey and Milwaukee.  He grew up in the L.A private school system and then graduated from St. Bernard Catholic school. He did his college education at USC.

For his entire life, he belonged to the First A.M.E. (African Methodist Episcopal) church. until... he found the truth.

His story: He has always had knowledge of the world and the time we live in from friends, family and reading into the sign of the times.  But it wasn't until he started his own business and came under hard times that he began to open his eyes further.  He had recently joined a recreational basketball league that caused injury to my knee. Upon that injury, he called upon the Lord to save him from the pain and was immediately delivered.  He then began to understand that he can only trust in God to take care of him.From that moment on... He began my search for truth... watching every lecture he could that would shed light upon the truth and the times we are living in. There was 1 speaker that backed up everything on presentations with scripture and resources and that was Walter Veith!

At that moment, he decided to study all his material all day every day... which has then led him to other speakers and teachers whom he now studies to this day.

After finding the truth...  He then searched out a SDA church to join. In April, after self-learning, he will be a 4 years baptized member of the SDA church.  He teaches a Bible Study every Friday night at Breath of Life church and He is also a deacon.  He also assists with Sabbath School.He is an 11th Hour worker... and his only desire is to prepare himself and others... save souls and Finish the Work!

He looks forward to getting to know everyone much better... and sharing his story in more detail.




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