Winston Miller

Winston Miller was born in the Turks & Caicos Islands to Jamaican SDA missionary parents.  He was home schooled till about 3rd grade and went to early schooling in Jamaica until his parents moved to NYC where he went to SDA schools through college.

His spiritual life was revived by God about 16 years ago by His loving, patience and kindness.

He is currently a member in the Allegheny East Conference where he is the Personal Ministries Leader and Religious Liberty leader at a local church. God has opened up the way for him to host the Country Living Conference Call every Tuesday night for the past 7 years.

He is married to Alison and God has blessed them with 4 young children that they are raising to be a part of God's kingdom by His grace. He enjoys Bible Study, reading the Spirit of Prophecy, learning from God, cooking, outdoor activities, technology, family time and watching his children running and playing outside.

It is his desire to do his part on the side of God in this great controversy in this last time.





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