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Moses and Maggie Mason have two sons Marcus and Derrick (Derrick is deceased). Brother Mason was baptized into the message in 1976 at a Kenneth Cox Prophecy Crusade.  They were led of God to start " Apocalypse Ministries" in the Mid 80's and were further led to build a video production Studio in 2005.  We presently have an Internet TV channel that broadcast Friday evenings 6:00pm till 12 midnight and Sabbath 8:00am until 8:00pm.  The "Apocalypse Channel" has been functioning for about two years.  Our Goal is to help prepare a people to stand true to God when the "Investigative Judgments" passes from the dead to the living.


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(712) 432-0075
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7 am and 7 pm

Participant Code: 624255#
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(712) 432-1085
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