Danny Strever

dan_strever 1Has
been a literature evangelist and publishing leader across the NAD for the past 30 years. While training workers, and as an individual canvasser, he has visited with people in thousands of homes, by God's grace offering them the opportunity to hear the Three Angels' Messages.

He has also been the West Coast Coordinator for Project Restore’s literature outreach at major events such as Billy Graham’s Rose Bowl Crusade, Greg Laurie’s Harvest Crusade (Anaheim Stadium), and many others, for ten years. Hundreds of thousands of magazines have been spread “like the leaves of autumn” thanks to the dedicated help of scores of willing Seventh-day Adventist Christians.

Danny and his wife are actively involved in the Great Controversy Project of bulk mailing the Remnant Publications/Project Restore volume, including their own county, while encouraging others to do the same in their home territories.

He is currently the president and project coordinator of Philippians Two Five Publishing.Their first booklet, “The Mind of Christ-How to Have It,” is being carried by the Amazing Facts and Secrets Unsealed online bookstores, to their joy. It has reached around the world by print and by internet; translated into Spanish, Portuguese, Romanian, Zulu, and soon German, Japanese, Korean and Chinese, among others. It has blessed many people who have had questions answered for a better understanding of the true gospel.

Philippians Two Five Publishing has just completed a new booklet entitled “Modern Mysticism Brought to Light” on the subject of the new spirituality and its dangers. They hope and pray that it will help expose the subtle deceptions of Satan in these perilous times. Danny and his wife long to hasten the Second Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, and the total eradication of sin forever.


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